What's your green routine?

Rhys Harry

06 May 2024

Some people love it, others hate it, but the truth is putting is the most important part of your game.

There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re weighing up a putt. What’s your approach? Do you have any pre-putt routines that help you out? Walking around the hole to see the line from every angle? Maybe bending down to better make out the slopes on the green?

If you’re a solid putter, why do you think that is? Do you have your pre-shot routine all planned out? Today we want to walk you through how the latest PING golf putters improve your ball striking at every stage of your putt.


Aiding your alignment

From the moment the green comes into view, you get a good idea of how the angles and slopes are looking. If it’s a green you’re familiar with, you’ll have a naturally pre-conceived idea of which areas are faster than others.

When you approach the green, you may well be fixated on the place your ball has come to rest, and the line you now have between the ball and the hole. You may be tempted to walk around the hole to study the line of the upcoming putt from every angle. We all have a whole routine underway ahead of actually setting up to your ball.

Naturally, one of the most important components of any successful putt is ensuring your clubface is correctly lined up with the path to the hole. It can be deceptively easy to line yourself up, practice your feel in your practice putt, and return to the ball a little off-center.

Modern golf putters have alignment aids on top of the clubhead that helps you make sure you’re hitting the ball with the middle of the clubface. This feature is very reassuring when making sure you’re aiming on the right line.


Striking the ball smoothly


It goes without saying that to perform the feat of getting the ball into the hole from dozens of yards away, you’re going to need to make perfect contact with the ball. The best contact comes from getting the pace and power just right, and striking the ball with a smooth, even stroke.

If you jab at the ball, you may hit the ball short and offline, and if you push too hard, it’s going to run past the hole. Being comfortably at ease and swinging the putter an equal distance back and forth will ensure you strike the ball smoothly.


Post-putt feel


Putting is all about feel, and feel can be hard to describe. But when you head to the practice green and start warming up your short-game, you’ll know exactly what we’re on about. As you putt through the ball, you’re judging a sense of feel as you anticipate where the ball will come to rest.

The more you putt, the more you hone your feel and the better at putting you become. The latest PING golf putters are crafted to ensure you quickly adapt to the club’s soft feel, allowing you to get into the swing of things and quickly hit your stride.


Models in the range

We’re all different golfers, in ability and in how we approach the ball. PING has five distinct models in the PING PLD Milled range, and each will be geared towards a certain type of player.

The putters in the PLD Milled range have undergone an extensive face milling process that’s given them a high-quality aesthetic appeal. Besides being cosmetically pleasing, the grooves on the deep AMP grooves on the face produce a soft feel, giving you better precision, control, and more confidence when you’re committing to your putt.


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From bladed golf putters to mid-mallets, and with a variety of hosel types available, we’ll be able to get something to suit your preferences.

As we mentioned at the very start, putting is important and a crucial element of the game for you to get right. If you’ve fallen out of love with your current golf putter or want to shake up your time on the greens, we’ll have clubs in the pro shop for you to consider adding to your bag.

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